Tool Repair Services Ltd. are Molex's Aero-Motive Master Distributor in the UK for their Tool Balancers.

We supply a wide range of Tool Balancers, from 0.4kg -136kg (1lbs-300lbs)
We carry the largest stock of Aero-Motive Balancers and spare parts anywhere in the UK 
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Tool positioner



BF Balancers

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EB & EA Type Balancers


      JA KA & LA Type Balancers page


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Aero-Motive Balancers enhance productivity. It is a simple fact, make a job easier to do, and you can do it better, faster and longer.
Balancers and tool support systems by Molex improve the productivity of light assembly, packaging and many other shop floor workers by keeping their tools out of the way when not needed.
With Balancers, workstations can be organised more efficiently by ensuring tools are always in the right place.
Expensive power tools suspended from balancers are safeguarded from being accidentally dropped onto the floor or onto other expensive products or equipment.

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