GM31 Series

Aero-Motive Positioner GM31 provides a low-cost solution for low-cycle and light-load applications such as lights, heat lamps, and signs without requiring extra force to maintain the established position. GM31 was designed such that its compact size will enable the unit to fit within most industrial air coiled hoses.


Product Features

Automatic Safety Lock: No
Manual Safety Lock: No
External Tension Adjustment: Friction Brake
Upper Mount: Fixed S-Hook
Secondary Support: No
Serviceable: No

Ordering Information

Aero-Motive Model


Standard Order No.


Weight Range (KG)

0.5 to 4.5

Weight Range (lb)

1.0 to 10.0

Active Cable Travel

1.4m (4.7′)



Unit Dimension Specification

Unit Packing Specification and more, please click here and visit Pages 12 and 13