Brad M12 40/70mm LED Machine Light Kit

By combining an LED Light, Mounting Bracket, and M12 Cordset in one package, the LED Machine Lights Kit simplifies light maintenance and streamlines machine lighting replacement.


Features and Benefits

  • M12 Connector Interface
    Eliminates costly and complicated hard-wiring. Simplifies maintenance and replacement. Delivers IP67 sealing protection for harsh environments.
  • Complete LED Machine Lighting Solutions
    Package includes LED Light, Mounting Brackets, and M12 Cordsets and Connectors. Simplifies ordering by condensing an entire lighting system into one order number.

Brad M12 40mm LED Machine Light Kit                 Brad M12 70mm LED Machine Light Kit
M12 Lighting Assembly                                               M12 Lighting Assembly
Power Options:                                                            Power Options:
5.0W                                                                            12.0W
10.5W                                                                          24.0W
16.0W                                                                          30.0W
21.5W                                                                          42.0W
End Brackets                                                               End Brackets
Clip Brackets                                                               Clip Brackets
Molex M12 Cordsets                                                    Molex M12 Cordsets
5m Single-Ended: 120065-9520                                  5m Single-Ended: 120065-9520
1m Double-Ended: 120066-8992                                1m Double-Ended: 120066-8992
M12 Closure cap to seal off unused M12                    M12 Closure cap to seal off unused M12
connector.                                                                    connector.

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